How to Maximize Your Wine Tour at Edna Valley Vineyard

You can’t really say that you’ve visited the Central Coast of California if you haven’t been to Edna Valley. Yes, there are a lot of travel attractions in the region. But if you want to give yourself a real gastronomic treat by going on a food and wine tasting tour, give yourself the chance to visit Edna Valley Vineyard. Here are the best ways to maximize your trip:

  • Avail of a wine tour transportation

    The region is known for its breathtaking landscapes, and you can’t fully enjoy the view if you’re a regular commuter. So on your next holiday, be sure to avail of quality limousine rental in Nipomo, CA that can also take you to Edna Valley Vineyard.

  • Wear an apt outfit

    If you’re availed of a wine tasting tour service on the Central Coast of California, be sure to wear a comfortable outfit. Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes and tight-fitting garments. Remember that you’d be walking around the vineyard, picking fresh grapes, taking pictures, and having a picnic. Besides, you’d possibly be a little tipsy with the winery’s wines and spirits.

  • Plan your itinerary

    Are you planning to visit the Central Coast for a two-day vacation? Or are you going to be there for a wedding? If you’re visiting here for a wedding, you can reserve wedding transportation in San Luis Obispo County that can also provide you a tour service around the wineries at Edna Valley. You can have side trips to other vineyards, such as the Sextant Winery, Tally Vineyards, and the Hearst Castle.

  • Make reservations ahead of time

    You can certainly save a lot if you make your reservations ahead of time. Specifically, book your plane tickets, accommodation, and limousine service months before your trip to take advantage of possible discounts.

Visiting Edna Valley Vineyard might just be what you need to look at California from a different perspective. If you’re now looking for a transportation option around the region, you can rely on Central Coast Limousine Service for world-class service.