Compelling Reason to Visit Laetitia Winery on Your U.S. Holiday

You’ve probably known or visited a lot of other wineries around the Central Coast of California region. But if you haven’t visited Laetitia Winery yet, you’re missing something extraordinary. Why? There are basically three compelling reasons to include Laetitia Vineyard & Winery on your next tour.

  • Sustainability Advocacies

    Sustainability is at the core of the operations of Laetitia Vineyard. The estate opted to use goats for weed control, instead of herbicides. The winery is also one of the first wineries to receive a Sustainability in Practice (SIP) Certification given by the Central Coast Vineyard Team. The company also ensures that its employees are well-compensated and happy with their work, which is evident in the smiles of the staff when they serve customers. Just avail of quality limousine rental in Nipomo, CA to visit the site conveniently.

  • Picturesque Landscape

    It was in 1982 when French viticulturists first took a liking on the land of Laetitia Estate because of its close resemblance to the land quality of Epernay, France. Nineteen years later, Selim Zilkha bought the estate. Zilkha is an advocate of environmental sustainability and wind power development, and he used his expertise in renewable energy and wine harvest to deliver sustainably-produced wines. The estate has also become one of the leading wedding destinations with its picturesque landscape. Couples just availed of wedding transportation in San Luis Obispo County to have their ceremony and reception in the estate.

  • Fresh and Finest Grapes and Excellent Wine

    With the sustainability principles applied in growing the estate’s grapes, it can be expected that the winery produces one of the world’s finest wines. Currently, Laetitia Winery is famous for its handcrafted Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, as well as its seven unique varieties of Sparkling Wines.

Are you now excited to drop by Laetitia Vineyard? If you are, you can rely on Central Coast Limousine Service to avail of a stress-free and convenient wine tasting tour service on the Central Coast of California.