What Not to Do When on a Wine Tour

Going on a wine tour is one of the travel bucket list items everyone should have. If you’re about to embark on one with family members or friends, here are the things to avoid doing to have a great wine tasting experience:

  • Don’t overindulge. Getting drunk is a no-no if you’re on a wine tasting tour. Especially if you’ve planned to visit different wineries, overindulging even on sweet white wines can hinder you from enjoying the rest of the trip.
  • Don’t skip meals and snacks. Be sure to eat a hearty and healthy meal before the wine tasting tour. And schedule a stopover or side trip at neighboring top-rated restaurants. It’s also good to avail of a quality limousine rental in Nipomo, CA, so that you can visit your side trip locations conveniently.
  • Don’t experiment on your outfit. Stick to comfortable footwear and outfit. Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes so that you won’t have trouble walking even when you’re already a bit tipsy. When choosing t-shirts and dresses, stick to loose-fitting and comfortable ones, especially if you’re also planning on indulging in cuisines along with your wine tour.
  • Don’t wear heavily scented cologne and perfume. Perfumes and colognes with strong scents can prevent you from actually indulging on the distinctive and subtle aroma of the wine. Aside from the flavor, the smell of wine contributes a lot to the experience of wine tasting tour service in CA.
  • Don’t wear a white upper garment. Spilling a glass is a common incident in wine tasting. As much as you need to be careful, it’s also wise to be prepared by wearing dark colored outfits and not white ones.

By keeping in mind these tips, you’ll know how to best act when on a wine tasting tour. If you’re now looking for a provider, you can count on Central Coast Limousine Service. Aside from offering wedding transportation in CA, the company also offers wine tasting tour services and destinations in the South Coast of California area.