Wineries in Edna Valley You Should Visit

Located five miles from the Pacific Ocean, Edna Valley is considered the seat of the country’s best wines. Edna Valley has over fifteen wineries. To visit these wineries, rent a quality limousine rental in Nipomo, CA. Here are some of the wineries you should put in your itinerary:

  • Center of Effort
    Founded in 1979 by Nathan Carson, the Center of Effort takes pride in its winemaking philosophy that focuses on the old-fashioned methods, native fermentation techniques, and purity of fruit. As veteran winemakers in the Edna Valley area, Carlson and his consultant, Mike Sinor, produce superb wines, such as Noirs and Chardonnay. Booking a wine tasting tour service on the Central Coast of California allows you to visit Center of Effort and other wineries in the region.
  • Claiborne and Churchill Vintners
    Founded by former schoolteachers, this winery features a mix of winemaking methods from all around the world. Founders Fredericka Churchill and Claiborne Thompson have been traveling around South America and Europe, learning the tricks of the trade and integrating these into their own innovations.
  • Edna Valley Vineyard
    Located in the heart of the Central Coast, the Edna Valley Vineyard is a popular destination in California. Many couples just hire a wedding transportation San Luis Obispo in CA and have this venue and reception here.

Whether you’re a wine lover or not, don’t miss to visit the wineries of Edna Valley on your next vacation here. You can just contact Central Coast Limousine Service to secure a reliable transport option to make your trip hassle-free.