Friends enjoying a drink in wine bar

If you have decided to book a limousine rental in Paso Robles, which can certainly save on taxi and gas costs, there are still some great ways to save. Know when to share, know when to brown-bag, and know when to ship.

 1. Share Costs with Others

If you know that more than a few of your friends also want to do a wine tasting tour and a limousine rental in San Luis Obispo, then split costs with them. Pooling together funds for a quality experience with 10 people can be a lot more fun and a lot less overall cost than an intimate two-person Grover Beach limo tour – depending on the person.

 2. Create Your Own At-Home Wine Tour Experience

There’s no reason to just keep the San Luis Obispo or Paso Robles wine tasting tour a one-time experience. Part of the fun on wine tour is to taste a lot of different vintages, swishing and swirling to your heart’s delight. Set up a time after the initial limo tour to sample some of the bottles that your group members have bought. You can share what you learned, and why you like certain types and vintages, in the comfort of the hotel room or wherever you’re staying. If it’s a short trip and everyone has to fly home, just remember to set up a mini-tour at the home of the person who has the biggest and most comfortable house.

3. Bring Your Own Picnic Basket

While it’s a great idea to go to Cass Winery and sample their cheese and meat platter along with the wine, you could save on costs by bringing a picnic basket with your own goodies instead. Of course, if you suddenly get seized with a desire for their Pit Roasted Pork Tri-Tip Sandwich, or someone needs to add on the Samosa Trio as an appetizer for the picnic, the Cass Cafe is open between 11 am and 5 pm.

 4. Know When to Go

Just like booking time at an amusement park or a bed and breakfast, there are peak times when everyone wants to go, and valley times when deals can be made. For example, Central Coast Limousine Service offers a 12-person tour in a Hummer 2 for less than $300 – but that price is not available on Prom night. If you happen to want a limousine rental in Paso Robles on a holiday or a festival weekend, just know that it will cost you much more per hour than if you booked a three-hour tour through Edna Valley on a weekday.

 5. Explore Shipping Options

Not only might shipping straight from the winery help save on wine transport costs, but also it will help guard against the possibility of the wine leaking all over your best suit. Frommers says that this can be a real problem, whether or not the Chardonnay has been swathed in scarves and pashmina shawls. If you’ve ever winced at the way baggage handlers seem to take joy in thumping around their cargo, you can bet that your luggage will be treated with the same care and consideration. If you’re thinking about carry-on, remember that the TSA frowns on liquid transported directely onto the plane, unless it’s the size of a wine sample. Don’t take the risk that just this once, the scanners won’t work.