Woman pouring white wine, close up

Woman pouring white wine, close up

One of the great advantages and disadvantages of going on a wine tasting tour in San Luis Obispo county is obvious: there are so many places. Below are five reasons why it’s important to tour responsibly, and also why a Paso Robles limousine rental might make sense.

1. Knowing The Region

Not only do the roads twist and wind around Paso Robles’ wine tasting tour country, but also the roads are narrow. On a clear blue and sober day, this would make the drive ‘scenic’ and a little difficult, but adding many tastings to the mixture may make driving a real chore. To keep the fun level high for your group and also for everyone else on the road, think about signing up for a Paso Robles limo tour – instead of a good story after a hospital visit. Limo drivers offer both scenic and safe tours.

2. Schedule a Group Appointment

Perhaps this goes without saying, but many visitors in the Paso Robles area also want to do a wine tasting tour, and some of them may want a limo tour. The best way to ensure that you get what you want for a group of five or more people is to plan ahead. That way, you’re not showing up with six friends, all of whom have booked babysitters for the kids, to find out that all of the tasting rooms and limos are booked for the day.

3. The Four S Rule

You might think that the best way to do a Paso Robles wine tasting tour with a limousine rental is to chug as much wine as possible. After all, if you’ve booked a tour with Central Coast Limousine Service, you know that sparkling cider and champagne are provided – and the samples await. However, the best way to really taste the wine lies in the 4 S method: Swirl, Sniff, Sip, and Spit. That way, you can be sure that you’re buying wine that rests easy on the tongue, not just the first bottle that comes along.

4. Preserving Your Memory

There’s no use hiring a limousine rental in Paso Robles if you can’t remember the experience on the day after. Headaches may be cured by Gatorade and coffee, but that isn’t a cure for time you can’t get back. Part of the reason why the wine tastes so amazing on a tour is becaue you’re surrounded by the right ambience: the sounds and smells of the vineyard, wine poured by an experienced hand, the open air, lack of distractions at home, etc. Drink the wine slowly, enjoy the scenery, and chat to the limo driver – a slower experience often makes for a better memory.

5. Preserving Your Wine’s Quality

If you allow wine bottles to sit in a hot car, the quality of the wine will deteriorate. Styrofoam containers do not perfectly protect the contents of the bottles against heat. One great reason to go on a limo tour is that you get a designated driver, and cool storage for your purchases before they are enjoyed.