top-5-tips-for-a-rewarding-wine-tasting-tourIf you’re doing a wine tasting tour in the Paso Robles or San Luis Obispo area, these five things will make the trip a memorable experience.

1. Organize Your Wine Tour with a Guide

Running around San Luis Obispo‘s 210 wineries, even with a limousine rental, would be difficult without a travel guide. A guide could give you certain details about the area, such as the 90% probability that you’ll be doing a wine tasting tour in the Paso Robles region within San Luis Obispo – over 85% of the wineries in the county are located around Paso Robles. (See the Economic Impact of Wine and Graps in the Paso Robles AVA and Greater San Luis Obispo County 2007 Report.)

2. Know Which Wines to Try

According to the San Luis Obispo Visitors Guide, a wine tasting tour wouldn’t be complete without sampling a few of the region’s well-known white wines and Pinot Noirs, which can also be either red or white. If you’re a fan of Rieslings, you might want to visit the Baileyana-Tangent Winery, or maybe a European old-world Chardonnay at the Wolff Vineyards right around the corner. For a good zinfandel and a cheese platter at a general store, visit the Sextant Wines tasting rooms in Old Edna, and maybe take home an etched glass as a souveneir.

3. Know Which Tour You Really Want

Sure, you could just book a limousine rental and roam around San Luis Obispo County – it’s fun to be spontaneous. On the other hand, your mood might not match the wine tour if you don’t plan ahead. You can do an exciting whirlwind tour, rather like a wine tasting version of a pub crawl, and sample a mixture of old style and new blended wines from different wineries. Central Limo Service has arranged for 8-hour marathon tours before, and met with great success. However, if you want to sit on a deck with a cheese plate and ask questions of the vineyard owners, just do a regional tour of small family-owned wineries clumped together within a 5-mile radius. Also, it’s possible to set up a special behind-the-scenes tour within two or three days of your visit, unless it’s high tourist season in the summer.

4. Drink More Bottled Water Than Wine

Wine is naturally dehydrating, and temperatures can get high, so remember that the bottled           water in the Central Coast Limo is there for more than palate cleansing. If you tend to get thirsty         or have dry eye problems, bring along an extra bottle just to be safe.

5. Decide How Much to Buy

It’s natural, on a wine tasting tour in San Luis Obispo, to decide you need some extra bottles as souveneirs along with the wine glasses. If you decide on a wine budget before the trip, this will make it more likely that your purchases will fit in one cardboard box rather than two. Also, if you have flown in, you might not be as excited as the airline attendants about paying the extra checked baggage fees for your styrofoam containers.