Melinda and Friends wine tour. Melinda went on an eight hour Marathon wine tour in Paso Robles with Joe and Kerri. First stop was at Calcarious Winery for wine tasting. Mel arranged a wonderful lunch for all of her friends. The view of the valley and city of Paso Robles makes the trip to Calcareous worth while. Calcareous is a must stop if going on a wine tour in Paso Robles. Then our chauffeur Mike drove us to Miguel Winery for more wine tasting.  Our group all agreed that the wine had a bitter taste to it. So off to one of our favorite wineries ,Tobin James. We shared our backyard smoked salmon with our server and had more great wine. If you have a chance to taste Tobin James Blue Moon, you will definitely enjoy it. The last  winery stop was Vina Robles. What can you say about Vina Robles other than it is a very wonderful and beautiful winery to visit.Had a great day wine tasting in Paso Robles.

Tina and Mel at Calcarious Winery

Melinda and friends wine tour